About Me

My name is Qi and I'm a first-year social psychology Ph.D student at the psychology department of University of Kansas. I'm advised by Dr. Omri Gillath in the Gillath Lab. My research area focuses on social psychology, specifically topics around close relationships such as attachment, forgiveness, and perceived partner responsiveness, to understand the dynamics between close relationships and health. My secondary lines of research interest is to explore the coming out experiences in LGBTQ+ communities and the impact of various kinds of support on their mental health.

I earned my Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree in Psychological & Brain Sciences with a minor in Applied Psychology from University of California, Santa Barbara. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I was mainly mentored by Drs. Nancy Collins, Tamsin German and Dan Conroy-Beam in the Close Relationships Lab, Cognition & Development Laboratory, and Computational Mate Choice Lab at UCSB. Moreover, I served as one of the co-presidents for Society of Undergraduate Psychologists (SUP), which is a organization that provides undergraduate students in the Psychological & Brain Sciences major academic resources, and help them navigate through the major.